Elves and Reindeer Decor

The time is flying bye and the holidays are upon us. We have been squeezing time in our busy academic day to do some fun art projects. Every month we do some sort of a hand project and this month it was the reindeer's antlers. These festive works of art are hanging on our wall in the classroom.
 These elves are hanging on our ceilings and making everyone laugh upon entering the room. Our little elves had fun decorating their costumes and seeing their faces adorn this project. 
 These pictures add a little pizzazz to our holiday festivities.
Thanks to Pinterest for sharing these great ideas!


Wendy Chung said…
What a creative idea!! The photos made me laugh...39 elves hanging on the ceiling..That is TOO CUTE!
Christa said…
LOVE those elves!! Such a cute idea & you can't help but smile with all those adorable elves dancing above your head in the classroom :)
Susan Eccher said…
Those elves are the cutest idea, LOVE it, must steal it! Looking forward to Friday's brunch and crafts!
Lourdes said…
Elves on the shelves are nothing compared to these elves on the ceiling! Absolutely adorable!

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