We Have "Caps for Sale"!

"Caps for sale...50 cents a cap." This is another one of our "Star Books" that we reread to the children a few times so that they will be able to retell the story using pictures and vocabulary from the book. Here we have our peddler. He has on his own checked cap and then all of the other colored caps for sale. In the story, the monkeys "borrow' the peddler's caps while he takes a nap against a tree. The caps are returned after the monkeys behaving as the peddler throws his own checked cap on the ground in frustration. Children are learning story sequencing, using story language, and vocabulary such as refreshed, disturb, and imitate  when retelling these adventures. Every student is lucky enough to have a copy of a "Star Book" in his/her book bin and it is delightful to hear them "reading" the books daily.
 He feels refreshed after his nap.


Wendy Chung said…
Thanks Mrs. Mallon and Mrs. Dillard for making learning so interesting! Nice to see Andrew's happy face after school every day.
My boys loved that book! I haven't heard about it from Kamryn yet... so I will ask her about it after school today! Love the pics... he is so animated!
Reading is fun!! :)

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