Reader's Workshop: Book Bins and Star Books

Reader's Workshop is the time when students are given the time to "read" the books in their book bins. Each child has a book bin which includes a "Star Book" (Three Billy Goats, Caps for Sale,  or Where the Wild Things Are, etc.) that they have heard several times. They are now able to retell the story by looking at the pictures. The bin also includes an ABC book, a Dr. Seuss book and several Level A books which are simple sight word/picture books. Next wee, children will be bringing home a book from their book bin each night as part of their homework. They will love sharing these books with their family and reinforcing the reading skills and strategies they learned in school.


Christa said…
Piper is so excited to begin bringing home a book from school each day to read at home. After watching her sister do it for 2 years, she is more than ready for it to be her turn, ha! She just loves school and her fabulous teachers :)
Mrs. Scarola said…
AJ is loving all of the stories you are reading to him. He comes home talking about them each day. He also LOVED the Star Student Book. What a great idea :)

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