Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wrapping Up The Year 2012

**Sock Snowmen**
The Mall-ard's were very busy the last week of school. We saw a play, made ornaments, and had our annual holiday breakfast followed by crafts. Then we went to the Media Center to await a visit from "Auntie Claus" (Santa's sister). Every year Mrs. Phillips, our principal, dresses up as "Auntie Claus", reads us a book and gives treats out to all the children in the school. As she leaves she wishes all of her "young darlings a safe and happy holiday season." As the children ran out of school on Friday afternoon, each was so excited knowing that Santa would be visiting them very soon.

Looking over the pictures from the week and seeing the joy and innocence of our six year olds, we can't help but think of our fellow first graders,  teachers, and principal  from Sandy Hook Elementary and the tragedy that their families and community are enduring. There are no words that express the sympathy that we feel for each precious life that was taken.

The Mall-ard's wish all of our first graders and families a very happy Christmas and New Year. Please give  them a BIG HUG from both of us!!
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K. Tiurchy said...

You both deserve to have a wonderful (and LONG!) break! The crafts were wonderful, thank you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christa said...

What a fun week that was! Bryn can't wait to get back to school for an exciting 2013! She misses you both & her classmates SO much! Happy New Year!!

Sunny said...

This is such a nice video. You two provide so many fun and extra special activities for our children. Thank you for going the extra mile.