Monday, December 10, 2012

Hannukah - Chanukah Presentation

Every year we look forward to our former student (J) and his father come to our class and teach the children about Hannukah. They bring in books, games and artifacts to help the students understand the story behind "The Festival of Lights". (J)  told the story ...over 2000 years ago, the Jews in Judea rebelled against their Syrian ruler because he insisted that all Jewish people must worship Greek Gods. After three hard years of fighting, the Jews defeated the ruler and to celebrate, they restored the Temple and rededicated it to their God. As part of the celebrations they lit an oil lamp which should have been kept burning all the time, even though they could only find enough oil to keep it burning for one night. But a miracle occurred, and the oil lamp stayed lit for eight days, which was the time it took to make new oil for the lamp. This  was the Miracle of the Oil. Thank you to the Morris family for sharing your traditions with our class...Happy Hannukah!!


K. Tiurchy said...

A big thanks to that family for taking the time to do that so the children can learn about Hannukah.

Lourdes said...

Sofi loved playing dreidel! Thank you J and family for sharing about The Festival of Lights!