The Diner is Open

Tomorrow is the first day of First Grade. We have been preparing The Mall-ard Diner for days to get ready for our previous Kindergarten students to come back to school. No doubt they will be excited with all the changes we have made to the class. The carpet is gone and we now have tile. The tables are all switched around and the decor looks great.  They will be very happy coming back to school and we can't wait to see everyone. We all know that "Nothing Can Be Finer Than To Be in Mall-ard's Diner."
Our "Welcome Back" bulletin board.
The start of our kitchen. We plan on having a lot more appliances for our Wednesday cooking classes.


Christa said…
Everything looks so great!! You gals are the best :-)
K. Tiurchy said…
The room decorations are wonderful! I love the diner theme. James is so excited for the cooking days. It'll be a fun year ahead....
Jennifer Davey said…
Thanks for such a great first day of first grade!! Carly came home with a huge smile on her face!! :)
Thanks for all you all do!
Jenn Davey :)
Lourdes said…
Sofi is 'fired up' about cooking class. Hopefully, she'll be a better chef than me!

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