Thursday, August 23, 2012

Skills Block - Sight Word Games

As part of our Skills Block today, we reviewed about fifteen sight words (have, here, do, too). Then we had the children pair up and play a memory game sometimes called "Concentration". They shuffle the little cards with the sight words on them and then turn the cards over so no one can see the words. Then each player turns over two cards to try to find a match. If they find a match, the child says the word, puts the cards on the side and then it is the next person's turn. Reviewing words this way makes the learning fun...and that's exactly what we want.


Lourdes said...

Mallon and Dillard are an awesome pair!

Christa said...

Bryn loves this game! She had a wonderful first week of school ~ thanks for making it so fun!

K. Tiurchy said...

That's a really creative way to practice the sight words! Wish I would have thought of that over the summer since James loves the memory game.