Ice Cream Sundae with a Cherry on Top

Table points are always fun when you can earn a "Cherry on Top."  We have seven tables of students and it can get noisy and unfocused at times. But when you have the opportunity to earn a "Cherry on Top" things can not only get quieter but we find more students on task. When we see a table of children doing what they are supposed to be doing, whether it is reading, writing, or working on a project, they can earn "a cherry" on top of their ice cream sundae. The table with the most cherries at the end of the week will visit the treasure box. It is a great visual reminder and super way for team building in our class.


dayle timmons said…
Cute idea! I might have to steal this one!
Anonymous said…
What a very clever, theme-based idea! We are blessed to have you as teachers!

The Freese Family
Haley Alvarado said…
So cute! I bet the kids love this idea. Thinking about getting some "cherries on top" at home too for good listeners!
Lourdes said…
I don't normally like cherries, but I love these!
Christa said…
Love this! You are so creative!!

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