Saturday, October 1, 2011

Morning Readers

In August, kindergarten students would meet in the dining room to be picked up and brought to their classrooms. Now that the children are familiar with the school and where their classroom is, they have the opportunity to use this early morning time to read a book while they are waiting for school to begin. Starting at 8:30 a.m., students are invited to sit outside their classroom and read and discuss books until the start of the school day @ 9:00. We have a wagon of books for them to choose from at all different genres and reading levels. The patrols that are assigned to our hallway are there to ensure each child's safety, make sure each child has a book, and then collect their blue communication folder and book in a bag. When the bell rings, the students hand back to the books to the patrols and line up to come into class. We are now ready to start the day!


Lourdes said...

I love that not a second is wasted at CCE. What a calm, relaxing way to start the day.

The Alvarado's said...

Do you ever need morning readers to come in the class and read to the students? If you do, let me and Hector know we would love to be a morning reader for the class anytime!

Suna Kantor said...

Trey is so excited to get over to the hall and get started, he forgets to give me a kiss! So happy they are all so excited about school.