Halloween Reading and Rhyming Time

Just before our Literacy Parade (pictures to come), Mr. Hector read a few books to the class. For this book, he had the children name the rhyming words they heard after he read the sentence. It was a great "treat" for our students to once again see someone enjoy reading as much as Mr. Hector. Right after the reading, the children lined up for the parade. They were all dressed as characters from the book they were carrying in the parade. Reading a few books was the perfect way to kick-off our literacy celebration.


Christa said…
The Literacy Parade was great! The kids looked so cute all dressed up. What a fun activity!! Thanks so much for making learning fun :)
Suzanne said…
I've always been so impressed that you invite other readers into your classroom to read with your students. What a great opportunity to model for youngsters how many people in their lives have a love of reading.
Lourdes said…
I love the male representation in our classroom. Thank you Mr. Hector!

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