Echoes Across the Day

We are very excited about our bulletin board this month. It features our Science space unit and also reflects on how we incorporated that theme throughout the day's lessons to make them more meaningful. It features Reader's and Writer's Workshops, Science and Math. In Reader's Workshop, students were learning about nonfiction conventions such as labeling, closeups, comparisons and cutaways. They made a book that sampled each of these major conventions. The piece chosen came from a book which compares Earth and Venus because they are just about the same size. In Writer's Workshop, another child chose to write a report on the stars and planets. In Math, we used star and planet word problems, and in Science, students created their own constellations and named them. These "Echoes Throughout the Day" unify the teaching and learning for the students. It is a wonderful way to bring cohesiveness to a unit and theme. Also, it worked out superbly with our "Sleepover Under the Stars" event!


dayle timmons said…
What a great example of how students can hear echoes across the day to help them apply all that they are learning in one subject to another subject. Lucy would be so proud!
Lourdes said…
I love the crossover between subject areas. The kids are connecting the dots, like connecting the stars to make constellations.
Suzanne said…
I love this board! You do such a great job capturing the essence of your classroom instruction and making it transparent for us all. Nice Job! :)

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