Word Family Focus During Skills Block

During the Skills Block portion of our day, we focus on two word families a week. On Monday, we introduce the word families. This week was the "-ake" and the "-ide" families. By writing on these blank picture cards, students brainstorm words that are in that family. For instance in the "-ake" family, there is rake, make, and stake. We review these words daily by pointing to each and having them say the rhyme and onset together "r-ake - rake." By teaching the children word families, they learn how to make multiple words from just knowing part of word. We say, "If I can spell "-ake", I can spell rake, take, and make." By the third day, students pick four words from the family. They draw a picture and write a short sentence using each word. In this way, we can check to see if they understand the word and use it appropriately in the sentence. Below is a sample of the activity.


My kids don't even know they are learning during skills block because they have so much fun. You guys rock! I know they will be ready for 2nd grade.
Lourdes said…
What pride
to see you guide
the kids' learning
deep and wide!
Anonymous said…
What a great method. I'll bet the kids love the brainstorming sessions. The picture and sentence part is fun too -- I love seeing what they come up with! -Leanne P
Melissa Chell said…
I ran across this searching for word families. Love this idea! Where did you find your big blank pictures that you used?
I bought the big pictures from Lakeshorelearning.com. I have used them year after year - good investment! MM

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