Wednesday, December 2, 2009

'Tis the Season

It is already that traditional time at our school where we decorate the holiday tree in our front lobby. Each class creates a string of garland with each classmates picture on the strand. Snowmen, hands, ornaments, and musical notes are adorning the tree this year. We added a string of beautiful Christmas stockings. Thanks to JB for putting up the tree every year and placing each strand on it so perfectly. Another tradition that we do (a classroom project) is collect pet supplies to give to our local Humane Society. We have collected dog bowls, towels, bleach, detergent, and pet toys for the animals waiting adoption to a good home. This year we are having a representative from the Humane Society come and speak to the children and he is bringing his dog. We will then present them both with the gifts to bring back to our animal friends. After all, ...'tis the season!!


Anonymous said...

What wonderful traditions. We love the tree and the kids always enjoy finding their ornament on it and showing us. They also enjoyed gathering items for the humane society. Delightful pictures and post, thank you!
- Leanne Prendergast

The Smith Family said...

We LOVE that the children are learning more than just reading, writing, math, etc. They are learning to be kind and generous. Since we don't have pets, Andrew is SO excited to be giving to the Humane Society.
Merry Christmas!
The Smith Family

Suzanne said...

These are the experiences that make childhood memories so precious. You can tell in the picture that your students are SO excited to collect items to donate to the Humane Society, and at the end of each day as I'm leaving the building, I see children walking to the tree to show off their ornament to their parents. What unique opportunities to share with your students. I love it!