Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December Writing - Holiday Excitement

With holiday excitement in the air, we thought it would be a good idea to funnel that energy into an art project combined with Writer's Workshop. Students were shown a sample of different size present boxes (see above picture) and asked to recreate them. They were given the construction paper, cut out the different shapes and glued them on the black paper. Then they were asked to write about each gift - who it is for and what is inside each one. This was a wonderful way for students to use their imagination and writing skills. Enjoy reading a sampling of the "present" writing!

Madison wrote:
"On Christmas, the red gift would be for Megan. The green gift is for my dogs, In the box was balls. The yellow box is for the Humane Society. The blue box is for Miss Karen."

Jack wrote:
"On Christmas, the big blue present is for Chatfield and it is going to be a Hess plane and a Hess train. The little green box is for Emmy's stuff - and a My Little Pony house. The yellow present is for my dad. My dad's present is a new Lo book. The red present is for my (mom) Coach Hall - a new pair of earrings."

Josey wrote:
"On Christmas, I would give the blue box gift to Chase. It would be a spy tank. The green box gift would be for Lily. It would be a rose. The red box would be for Lexie. It would be a crown. The yellow box would be for Lauren. It would be a new puppy."


Anonymous said...

Great idea! What a great way to spark the kids' imaginations and make writing fun. And cute for the parents to see as well -- Thank you.
- Leanne Prendergast

Anonymous said...

Wow! Looking at the writing as a teacher I am constantly amazed at how well your five and six year olds can write. They are using punctuation, details ("new pair of earrings", "big blue box", "little green box" and are writing paragraphs. No wonder so many other schools come to learn from you two. Great examples of how to combine holiday traditions with academics!
-Karen Morris

Lourdes said...

Children are such gifts! Their writing is so sweet, and their innocence so precious!