Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Polar Bears, Foxes, and Birds -- Oh My!!

Each year around the holidays, our school participates in another Chets Creek tradition called the "Holiday Auction." Each class is invited to make something "holidayish" and display it in the front lobby. In past years, parents and visitors placed a bid on an item and the money raised went to the child's classroom. This year, we decided, as a school, to give back in some way to our community and/or the world around us. Our class is animal loving so we decided to donate our wreath money to adopt three animals (of the student's choice) from the World Wildlife Fund. The class chose a polar bear, arctic fox and...

...a blue-footed booby.

We will soon get a picture and literature sent to the class of our adopted animals and hope to raise more money for these special creatures at next year's auction. The picture below is the wreath that Mrs. K. Morris bid on an won together with a small decorated tree. The children are very excited to call these animals "their own" and hope they are around for a very long time!

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dayle timmons said...

I have never heard of a blue footed boobie! Can't wait to learn more about this animal!