Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fire Safety Month - A Visit from Fireman Chris

Today we had a special visitor come to our class and talk about fire safety. His name is Fireman Chris. Chris entertained the children by promoting fire safety in a kid-friendly way. The students listened and watched a fascinating slide show then asked numerous questions about smoke, fire, and the causes of house fires. Pictures were shown of kitchens, houses, and forests on fire. Did you know that there is a special fire truck just for putting out woods on fire? It's called a Woods Firetruck.
Fireman Chris put on his gear piece by piece to show the children how the clothing is layered to protect him when he has to go into a burning building. He talked through the oxygen mask and wanted children to see that they shouldn't be afraid if they see a fireman dressed like this, especially in a fire. Chris did demo lesson of crawling on the floor and feeling the wall, teaching the children to stay low to the ground and touch the wall to find their way out. Afterwards, the students had the chance to feel the jacket and other firefighting gear and were amazed at the weight of it all. We want to thank Fireman Chris for taking time on his day off to spread the word about fire safety to our class.


Anonymous said...

To "The Mall-ards",
That you for allowing me to come into your classroom and discuss fire safety. I was very impressed with how well behaved the class was and what good questions they were asking about fire safety. Stay safe, have fun, and learn alot. I truly enjoyed the class visit.
Firefighter Chris

Anonymous said...

Firefighter Chris was fun to watch on the video and in class. He Rocks! I learned so much from him. I'm glad he came to our class.

Megan (and her mom)

Ps. It is so nice that he commented on the blog too. What a great experience for the kids.