Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Aussie Pumpkins Like You've Never Seen Before!

Fall is a wonderful time of year at our school. We have great traditions that make this time of year memorable for the children. There are three events that will take place this week that makes this season such a festive one. The Literary Pumpkin Contest, the Literary Character Parade, and the Fall Carnival.
The first event is the Literary Pumpkin Contest. Our entry this year is a representation of the book, "The ABCs of Australia." This is a favorite book of our class. Each child was assigned a letter of the Aussie alphabet. Students were assigned this as a "family project". All pumpkins were due this week and put on display in our school lobby. As you can see, they are great! We have the Aborigine, the Harbour Bridge, the Great Barrier Reef, kangaroos, cricket, a eucalyptus tree, and a yabby represented. I'll let you know if we win!!
The second event is the Literary Character Parade. Kindergarten and First Grade students are invited to come to school dressed as their favorite literary character. Children parade the halls of the school, proudly showing the book that their costume represents. Afterwards, we have fall center activities in the classroom.
The third event comes at night. The Fall Carnival starts with families trick-or-treating through the school with teachers handing out candy at their doors. The carnival is waiting for them afterwards. All kinds of activities await the visitors at the carnival: dunking booth, rock climbing, ball-toss, and other homemade games. This year our class is sponsoring "The Aussie Lollipop Tree." The plan is when children walk up to the "tree" they will be greeted with a replica of the Australian Zoo. (Pictures will follow) The excitement is growing...Thursday is the day!!


dayle timmons said...

I LOVE your literacy pumpkin! I know you have been studying about the ABCs in Australia so this is the perfect pumpkin patch for your class!

Anonymous said...

Your pumpkins were adorable. What a fun idea using the alphabet book. I bet your kids learned a lot about Australia with this activity.

Debby Cothern said...

Fabulous! I saw something new each time I looked.