Opinion Writing About Our Collections

This week we started our unit on opinion writing. Students were invited to bring in one of their favorite collections. Items ranged from rocks to Pokemon cards to stuffed animals. Children rated which one was "Best in Show" (1st Place) and on down the line. They wrote the reasons why they rated their items the way they did using the word "because".  
 Today,students visited their friend's collections to see how their items were rated and they wrote about how they would change 1st, 2nd, etc. place. They also gave reasons why they felt that way.
They enjoyed rating the items and expressing their views on why they think the collections should be changed. Students are learning how to disagree politely and write their reasons why.


Angela Phillips said…
What a wonderful way to generate student interest and ownership over opinion reflecting, writing and communication with others. I envision a classroom full of really engaged and excited kids through this learning process and I'll bet they remember this special experience as they revisit opinion writing in their writing futures.
I love this! Full engagement that they will remember the process well for their writing. :)

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