Meet the Author - Last Days of Series Writing

We are putting the finishing touches on our realistic fiction writing series this week. Our students were introduced to the "Meet the Author" section that is listed on most book jackets. They did such a great job on this writing, we decided to have a class share and have all the children tell everyone about their family, hobbies and interests.  Students shared their "About the Author" page with a real picture of themselves to add the authentic look to their books.
 Students were overjoyed when they were given a sheet of paper with their picture on it.  This added surprise helped to fuel a productive day in Writer's Workshop.
Sharing their writing is a one the children's favorite things to do. They have come so far these last two years...on to 2nd grade very soon.


Christa said…
What a great idea to add their picture to their 'about the author' page, love that! You ladies are the best ~ can you please teach 2nd grade too, pretty pleeease!! :)

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