Engine 30 Came to Visit

Today we had a visit from the Jacksonville Fire /Rescue Team including Firefighter Robert and his friends.  Students had a wonderful time hearing all about fire safety, seeing the truck up close, and getting to spray the fire hose.  One of the firemen put on the heavy duty gear in the 95 degree heat and explained different scenarios to the children about how not to be scared of a firefighter dressed up that way. Thanks Piper's dad (Robert) for showing us your truck and teaching us about fire safety.
 Yes - it was very hot today but you wouldn't know it from these firefighters who did all they could to show kids what they may look like if there is a fire...and not to be afraid and hide.
Lots of questions about what is on the truck - the hammers, ladders and first aid equipment - just a few of the hundreds of items that they carry.
 Each child had a chance to shoot the fire hose and knock down an orange cone.
It was such a great learning experience for the children.  Thanks so much!!!


Wendy said…
Andrew was so excited that he could touch the real fire hose! Thank Piper's dad for giving them such a good learning experience!
Christa said…
Piper couldn't stop talking about how much fun she had when they came to visit. I'm so glad the kids enjoyed it. Robert & his fellow firemen loved all the handmade thank you cards from the kids, so thoughtful :)

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