Our Publix Field Trip

 "Publix isn't a field trip," one of our students said as we announced our field trip destination. But his mind was changed after this visit to our local Publix supermarket. We walked (about a mile) to the store where we were greeted by Ms. Marilyn, our tour guide. She explained the different sections of the store and we visited the bakery, deli counter, fruits/vegetables, dairy and meat departments. Students were treated to fresh turkey and wheat bread and also gifted with a frisbee and book about Publix. 
 Children learned how to properly eat a mango (island style) and the difference between a plantain and a banana.
 Keeping your hands clean is very important in all sections of the store but especially the meat department. Children were told that it is not a good idea to touch the meat packaging because germs can easily transfer.
Afterwards, the same child was asked, "Well, is Publix a field trip?"  He answered, "Oh yes - I can't wait to go back and show my mom and dad."  I'm taking a guess, but I think they already know!!


Christa said…
Piper loved the field trip to Publix minus all of the walking, ha! She went on & on about everything she learned. Great pictures! :)

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