Fiction and Nonfiction: Noticing the Differences

Noticing the difference between a fiction book and non fiction book is a big discovery in Kindergarten. After students were introduced to the two books "Froggy Goes To School" and "Uncover Frog", their observations were charted and discussed. The children noticed how in the book "Froggy Goes To School" frogs really don't wear clothes or go to school. They noticed that the other book "Uncover Frog" taught them about real frogs. Reader's Workshop was " leaping" with excitement while they also noticed all of the "extra" information the non fiction book gave them about frogs. 
After the lesson, children were handed a book to look over and decide where it should go (either the "fiction" or "non fiction" bin)..
Students took it one step farther by sorting the books in their book bins.


Christa said…
What a great learning exercise! PIper is re-organizing her books at home too :) Thanks for all you do.
martha cortes said…
It's good that children learn to distinguish between reality and imagination
Lourdes said…
Love that the Kinders are learning about non-fiction!

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