Pow Wow Preparation - Learning About Our Tribe -- Lenni Lenape

 For the past week, we have been learning about our Native American tribe - the Lenape.  They are from the northeastern region of the United States - primarily Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Delaware. The Lenape men were hunters and did what they could to protect their families. The Lenape women were farmers. Both the men and women were story tellers, artists, and musicians.
 This week we read a traditional Lenape story called, "Rainbow Crow."  This is the story of how a crow saved a forest full of animals during a terrible snow storm. The crow was once a beautiful bird. During a relentless snowstorm, the animals of the forest asked him to fly to the Great Sky Spirit to ask for the snow to stop. It got burned by the fire he received to melt the snow. However, if you look closely at its black feathers you can still see traces of its rainbow color.

Homework this past week was to research our tribe and dress the cut out accordingly. The students shared how they made their Lenape person and also wrote about it in a "How To" piece in Writer's Workshop. The following are their creations...



What a special time of year it is in kindergarten. Your little Lenapes will never forget this Pow Wow as Lenapes!
Christa said…
Pow Wow is so fun! All of their little Lenape people creations are adorable! Can't wait until next Friday :)
Wendy said…
Every kid is so creative! Really happy to learn the fact of the Native American through this project with Andrew. We had a lot of fun finding the materials and doing the decoration together!
Susan Eccher said…
So fun. I've enjoyed hearing the Lenape song from Raphi all week, as well. He is singing it all the time. Looking forward to seeing the whole tribe in action!
Sofia said…
I wish I could do that but I'm in second grade now! But I should be happy that I still have mine! I love you guys!

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