How to Make Chocolate Pudding

 How to get children's attention?  Make chocolate pudding. In Writer's Workshop, we have been learning about "How To" writing.  Students have been writing on such topics as "How to ride your bike,"  "How to brush your teeth," "How to get ready for school," and "How to play soccer."  All of these are written in "steps" -- Step 1, 2, 3 and 4. They are also learning transitional words: first, then, next, finally."  Today, we used a shared experience, "How to make chocolate pudding" as our "How to".  First we wrote what they thought the steps would be, wrote it down and then went over it as it was written. For instance, Step One - Put the milk in the pudding. Well the packet of pudding was opened and the milk was getting ready to be poured in.  "Oh no," they shouted.  "But that's what it says."  So we learned that directions have to be specific if you are going to teach someone how to correctly do things. Afterwards, all eyes were on the pudding and of course shared with the class. Also, they couldn't wait to write about it so they can teach their moms how to make it.!!


Wendy Chung said…
Wow! Looks yummy~ Learning is so fun in your class! I'd love to learn how to make it,but Andrew just wrote down step1 and said he forgot the rest..
Anonymous said…
Definitely a favorite lesson for Jacob. YUM!
Christa said…
Oh how we love chocolate pudding!! Yummy! What a fun learning activity for the kids ~ thanks so much!

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