Preparing for Second Grade

 As summer is fast approaching, we would like to offer some helpful hints about the next grade level. One of which is a list of summer preparation games and activities that one of our seasoned second grade teachers (Mrs. McLeod) prepared. You will find Reading, Skills, Writing, Math and Science activities. We strongly suggest that you utilize this site so that your child's learning will continue during this "down" time. It will pay off and the transition into second grade will be much easier. Remember to bring books on trips. A Magic Tree House adventure will help pass the time while waiting for a plane. Make sure there are books in the car and the beach bag. Please do not make "getting out your book" a punishment. Show by example and get your book out or read together ("You read one page and I'll read the next.") Happy Summer!!


Lourdes said…
Thanks to Mrs. McLeod for the websites. Sofi has already asked to but the Magic Tree House book you all weren't able to finish. Have fun at the beach, and get some rest. You both definitely deserve it for all your hard work. Enjoy the summer!
K. Tiurchy said…
Thanks for this helpful information to prepare them for next year! You've given us some wonderful things to work on over the summer.
Sofia said…
I REALLY don't want to leave the mall-mall and dill-dill FOREVER and I don't want to finish my milk shake from the mallard diner!!!!!😪😪😪

❤ You're sof-Sof 🐶

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