Last Day of First Grade 2013

 We were surprised by two visitors from the the town of Mozzarella on the last day of school. One was Vincent Van Dough and the other was Leonardo Da Munchi. They had a problem. Vincent's pizza has delicious dough and Leonardo's has superior sauce. After some arguing, they came to the conclusion that joining forces would made for an excellent pizza all around. Lourdes and Randy Smith did an awesome job keeping the children entertained with the book, "The Great Pizza Contest" by Riley Roam.

 Listening and watching "The Great Pizza Contest."
 Students would join in the fun -- if they liked "sauce" better or "dough."
Vincent was trying to persuade the children to like dough better than sauce.

All of the students had a special treat waiting after the skit -- pizza bagel bites.  What a wonderful way to end their first grade year. Thank you Lourdes and Randy for closing the "Mall-ard" diner so memorably!!


Lourdes said…
Just like The Great Pizza Contest, it requires a team effort. Thank you Mallards for allowing us to perform on the last day of school, and thank you children for your audience participation and enthusiasm. We really enjoyed being piz-za (piece of) your classroom. Happy summer!
Sofi said…
I'm SO SAD I have to leave my FAVORITE milk-shake in the WONDERFUL mallards diner. And I sorry to say I have to go to second grade now and I don't want to leave you!

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