Cookin' Wednesday - Banana-Strawberry Smoothies

 On Wednesday, we decided to use the blender for a change and make smoothies. After a few technical difficulties...i.e. the blender wouldn't work, a new blender was brought in (Thanks Mrs. Davey) and the recipe was saved. Strawberries, vanilla yogurt, bananas, honey and orange juice made this an especially tasty smoothie.  
Twizzlers were used as straws which made it extra special.
How about seconds?


Christa said…
Smoothies!! Bryn's favorite! How fun & ladies rock! Thanks for everything :)
Sunny said…
Twizzlers as straws?! Awesome idea. Will be trying that at home. Thanks Ladies!
Anonymous said…
YUM!!! Sounds delicious! I think I know what I want for lunch now. Hahaha.

Thanks for all you do!

Many blessings,
K. Tiurchy said…
LOVE cooking Wednesdays! This one was a favorite for James- he told me he drank 3 cups!
broadwaygirl9 said…
It's always fun to hear what delicious treat you all make with the class on Wednesdays!!
Lourdes said…
Great idea to "mix" it up with smoothies.
Kelly said…
How do you do it? You must be so tired at the end of the day! You both are awesome. How lucky we are!

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