Bingo for our Readers to Leaders

 Every nine weeks, Mrs. Phillips celebrates the students reaching their 25 book goal by having an activity for all to enjoy. This quarter it was one of the children's favorite games to play - BINGO.
 Miss KK (our Media Specialist) had prizes lined up for our BINGO winners. The prizes included posters, books, pencils and bracelets.
 Mrs. Phillips loves calling out the BINGO picture clues. It was theme-related - pots, stirrers, chef's hats, and kitchen utensils.
 Miss KK was prepared for the onslaught of prize winners.
Looks like we have some winners.
A surprise visit from some players on the "Jacksonville Giants" basketball team during our BINGO game!!


Anonymous said…
What fun! Our little man hung up his Spiderman poster in his room the day he brought it home. Reminds him how much fun school is to go to. Thank you for all you do.

Many blessings,
Susan Freese
Christa said…
What a great way to celebrate our Readers to Leaders! Bryn was very excited to tell us all about the bingo game & show us her new book she won. Thank you :)
K. Tiurchy said…
Mrs. Phillips is so creative in motivating the students with her themed activities!

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