Potato Planting Time

On Friday, we went out to the Chets Creek garden and planted potatoes. The children learned that you can grow a potato by cutting one in half and planting it with at least two "eyes" facing upward.
The trench had to be least eight inches deep. Students used the trowel to dig and cover the hole. Dr. Zenk helped the children in the planting technique.
 After they planted the potato, students went over to the lettuce patch and learned how to pull weeds.
The final step in the planting procedure was to cover the planted potatoes with two inches of mulch. In this case they used dried leaves. It was a great experience for the students and we will be checking back in a few weeks to see how our potatoes are doing. We may use them for our "Cooking Wednesday" cooking class when they are harvested!


K. Tiurchy said…
Having that garden is the most wonderful experience for the children. I know that's not typical in most elem. schools so we are all really grateful!
Jen Crane said…
Thank you for making First Grade so amazing and giving the kids so many special experiences! You are both truly the BEST!!!
Christa said…
I love that they get to visit & plant things in the garden. Bryn does too ~ she can't wait to go back & check on the potatoes :) Thanks so much for everything!
Anonymous said…
We enjoyed visiting the garden this weekend. Sofi was able to tell me all the steps for planting potatoes. It was fun picking weeds, and making sure to get the nut out so the weed wouldn't grow back. We love the sugar snap peas Dr. Zenk let us have for helping out!

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