Monday, November 14, 2011

Independent Reading in the Wigwam

Each day we invite a few students into the wigwam for "Wigwam Reading". This special place at the entrance to our classroom is a great place to have a few benches for the kids to enjoy their books. Our "wigwam readers" love their books even more with the quietness inside the tent. Sometimes a little change of scenery and a comfortable spot makes a book a little more enjoyable. I wonder who will be our "wigwam readers" tomorrow :)


Kristen T. said...

James was SO proud that he got to read in the wigwam. He was trying to describe this to me the other day and I didn't really get it, so thanks for showing the picture!

Anonymous said...

I love walking by and hearing all the readers!! It's cool how just a slight deviation from the routine inspires awesome reading!

Casey Stephens

Lourdes said...

Thank you for giving the children such an authentic experience. You really bring the lesson to life. Sofi loves not just learning about the wigwam, but making one at family night and reading in one during readers' workshop.