Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Literacy Stations in Reader's Workshop

After ten minutes of independent reading, we open what is called "Literacy Stations". During this time, children have the opportunity to explore the books, charts and writing all around them. The stations that are now open are "Read the Room" where students use pointers and point to the words. "Write the Room" includes writing whatever they see on clipboards. This includes student's names, the alphabet, and color words. "Magnetic Letters" are used on cookie sheets for name practice. "Star Names" are cut up names (in envelopes) and students put the name in the correct order. "Big Books" are used for reading and pointing and ABC puzzles are a wonderful letter reinforcement activity. The children look forward to this time to explore the classroom and learn so much doing these hands-on activities. We will be introducing more Literacy Stations as the weeks progress to reinforce and challenge new learning.


Lourdes said...

Love the Literary Stations. Just today, Sofi told me, "Mom, Mrs. Mallon said I was a WRITER." What an INCREDIBLE impact your class has already made on her in just 2 short weeks. Thank You!

Karen Rojas said...

Excellent! Josabel always looks forward to going to school everyday. I'm so excited to see how much he will learn in the course of this year!

Suna Kantor said...

This is great, I love getting a peak into the class and their day! Thank you