Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Goodbye Hog Heaven - Returning to Kindergarten

It was the last day of school and you would think a happy day but not for our Hog Heaven students. The realization of moving on to a new grade...being big second graders was a bit much. As the students were in the hall saying goodbye to the fifth graders, they were overcome with emotion as they too are moving on. We are confident that they will love the rest of their years at Chets Creek and visit us often. The "Hog Heaven" banner is coming down and we are getting ready for a new group of Kindergarten students in a few weeks. We will be known as "The Mall-ard's Incredible Kindergarten" utilizing our new "Superheros" theme. Thank you so much parents and friends of Hog Heaven. The joy we shared with your children is priceless. And now, we can't wait to greet our new batch of incredible students!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for everything! We could not have asked for better teachers -- you all have been wonderful and we will miss you. Have a "super" year in kindergarden. :) Leanne

Anonymous said...

We miss you so much. Thank you for two WONDERFUL years!!!
Rosemary Lewis

Lourdes said...

Q:What's better than having you two as my son's teacher?
A:. . . having you two more years as my daughter's teacher.

Looking forward to an INCREDIBLE year,
The Smith's :):):):)