Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Day

Today we celebrated the third day of kindergarten with Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault's rhythmic chant Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. This read-aloud is always a class favorite. The alphabet comes to life as the letters travel up the coconut tree and back down again. Students were read the big book and then created their own coconut trees with the letters from their name traveling up the tree.

Students also had time to explore pattern blocks. These blocks come in various shapes including hexagons, trapezoids, and triangles. They eventually discover how the shapes fit into each other and what shapes can make other shapes. Discovery and exploration is a big part of kindergarten and giving the children this time to talk about their findings with each other is very important.
Other activities today included singing, dancing, drawing, and more read-alouds. Today was a wonderful Chicka Chicka Day :)


Christa said…
Bryn absolutely loves her teachers & her class! Thank you so much for this wonderful blog :) You're the best!
Jennifer Crane said…
It is so exciting to read about all the wonderful activities that Alexa and her classmates get to experience everyday. I could not have imagined a better start to Kindergarten. Thank you being such Incredible teachers!
Kristen Tiurchy said…
I love that book!
Kelly said…
I'm so happy that Price will get to experience The Mallards too! He is having a blast. You two are the best!
Suna Kantor said…
You are both so creative and we feel so lucky to have Trey in this class! He is always so excited for his next school day:)

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