Science of Plants

In Science, students have been learning about the parts of a plant and the specific function of each part. We employ the 5 E's when starting a new science unit. First we engage the learner. In other words, getting the student interested in the subject matter. Exploring gives the child the chance to have hands-on experience and to start forming questions. Questions are answered during the "Explain" part of science. Extending and then Evaluating their knowledge are the last of the 5 E's. Children had two different kinds of plants at each table. They listed what was the same and different about each plant. For instance, they both had leaves but they were different in size and shape. They shared their findings and then posed questions. "What do plants need to survive?" and "What are the functions of the leaves, stems, and roots?" were discussed. Our pre-intern Mrs. D.S. was wonderful in explaining the parts of plant. Their knowledge was then evaluated by having them label and list the plants parts and why the plant needs them to survive.


Lourdes said…
I love the exploration the students did of the plants. Their minds are growing like weeds. Thanks for planting the seeds of science.
H.L said…
Hi, Your Science work seems great. Everyone must have had fun. Bye.

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