Mystery Reader - Fireman Chris Gets Fired Up About Fire Safety

We had a very special mystery reader this week - it was our old friend Fireman Chris. Fireman Chris shared a slide show stressing fire prevention and safety with the students. He talked about the importance of a safety ladder if you are on the second floor, staying low to the ground to get air, and having a meeting place for the family outside the home if there is a fire. Students learned tips such as touching the door with the back of their hand to feel if it is hot. Of course, he reviewed "Stop, drop and roll" with them. He read the "Magic School Bus Gets All Fired Up" to the children and had a question/answer session afterward. Thank you Fireman Chris for coming to our class during your off time to discuss fire safety with our class. They learned a lot and enjoyed your visit.


Anonymous said…
Love it. Great idea! Thank you.
-Leanne P
My kids learned so much! Thanks Fireman Chris, for coming to do this each year.
Lourdes said…
AJ was so fired up about Fireman Chris. He came home from school and demonstrated how to tell if the door was hot. Happy he got to see him since he missed him last year. Thanks Fireman Chris for returning.
Anonymous said…
Glad to do fire safety presentations. Hope everyone had a good time and learned a little
Fireman Chris

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