Mystery Readers Galore!!

The last few weeks were highlighted by our "Mystery Readers" who delighted the children by reading some of their favorite books to the class. Claire L. read "Oh Christmas Tree" Phineas and Ferb series by Scott Peterson and then donated the book to the class! Melanie H. was the Cajun Red Riding Hood complete with the costume and accent. She read "Petite Rouge" by Mike Artell. Crystal C. came in with "Frosty the Snowman" and Carmen D. read one of her favorite books "Piggie Pie" by Margie Palatini. Each Mystery Reader brought her special love of reading and showed the students what fun reading can be. We appreciate our Mystery Readers taking time out of their busy day to spend some moments with first graders who are just starting to understand how fascinating books can be.


What a precious memory for me to see the surprise in my little ones' eyes. Thanks for making this opportunity for parents. Such fun!
Lourdes said…
AJ loves Mystery Readers. He always comes home and tells me what clues sounded like it might be me, and which one let him know it wasn't me. I can't wait to surprise him and the class! :)

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