Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mystery Reader: P is for Pom Pom!

Our mystery reader this week surprised her brother,sister and the class by coming in and reading "P is for Pom Pom" by Laura Purdie Salas. Her arrival was announced and then five clues about our mystery reader were read. Some of the clues were: She used to go to this school; She was our patrol; and she has siblings in this class. While students were guessing, V came in and we all clapped. She was wearing her cheering uniform, brought pom poms, and was carrying the book with her. She then read "P is for Pom Pom! The Cheerleading Alphabet Book to the class. The girls could not wait to imitate some of the moves she read about. V was brave enough to chant and show us the routine of some of her cheers. During the finale, she showed us a jump and the kids just loved it. Thank you V for a great reading and being a wonderful mystery reader. The children enjoyed it and C and L were very proud of their big sister!!


Melanie Holtsman said...

Vickie had so much fun doing this. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to mystery read for the class and make a memory for our kiddos that will not soon be forgotten!

Lourdes said...

Rah-Rah for Mystery Reader V!
Another great spin on getting the kids jumping with joy for reading. I'm sure C & L were VERY proud of V. Great pic!