Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Literacy Centers - Time to Practice Reading

A favorite part of the student's day is when they get to enjoy authentic reading by engaging in Literacy Centers. A popular station is "Books on CD". Children have the opportunity to read along with the CD. By listening and reading along, they get to hear and practice fluent reading. The books we are using are from the county sponsored Houghlin Mifflin series for first grade and each come with a CD. These readers have some wonderful trade books incorporated into one leveled book. The CD players were sponsored by some of the student's parents. We asked for CD players at our Open House and now have six which makes a great listening center. Other stations the children visit are the computers. We have four that they visit on a rotating schedule. Also there are various genre baskets of books and magazines that they love to dive into. This is a time where students have time to practice reading either on the computer, CDs, books or magazines. They can read about sharks, finish up a chapter from Magic Tree House, or grab a Dr. Seuss book...Oh, the places they can go...during literacy centers.


Anonymous said...

J loves to listen to books being read to him. Maybe we should put this on our request list for Santa and he can have his own listening center at home? (or in the car or road trips?)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I love how this encourages an interest in reading.
-Leanne Prendergast

Lourdes said...

I love all the different reading opportunities the children have. With all the choices, they're bound to find one (if not more) that they enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I signed up to buy one of those CD players and dropped the ball! Kyle's will be turned in on Monday! Sorry for the delay!... this is such a wonderful addition to encourage reading!
- Claire Ladd