Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentines' Day - another fun day in K

Valentine's Day was another day to celebrate! Students came in very excited to deliver their cards, candy, and flowers to their classmates and teachers. Homework for the week was to decorate their mailbox and address their cards. The boxes that came in were so creative. They were made out of cereal, tissue, and gift boxes. We think the parents had more fun making them than the kids!! During the morning, children delivered their cards and in the afternoon we made hats, cards, and read books. For math, students sorted and graphed candy Valentine conversation hearts. It was a great day to be in Kindergarten!


Anonymous said...

Love the math project -- what a creative way to incorporate learning into the fun!
- Leanne Prendergast

Anonymous said...

What an incredible day they all had! Bennett couldn't wait to get home and look at each valentine.

The Griffin Family

Lourdes said...

Andrew LOVES kindergarten. The fun (and the learning) never stops!