Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Math - Any Way You Slice It!

This month our bulletin board is called, "Math Can Be Divided Into Many Parts." We focused on Math and all the different ways we integrate it into the student's kindergarten experience. We start the day with "Calendar Math." This is a structured math activity whereby students use the monthly calendar as the central focus. Besides knowing the answers to today is..., yesterday was..., and tomorrow will be..., students are asked, "On what day was February 5th?" or "How many days until our field trip?" Each day we are in school, it is noted on a sentence strip and counted. Students may write/draw a story problem using dominoes or work as a small group to find an answer to a problem. In the afternoon, we start math with students writing the problem of the day in their math journal. This warm up serves as a review of previously learned math concepts. Students are called to the floor with a number song and/or math literature. Next, math vocabulary is reviewed by asking students to explain three words from the chart. For example, data, arrange, and representation are words on the chart. Then it is focus time where the actual lesson is presented followed by active practice and ending with share time. Choice time is incorporated every few lessons for students to have time to practice previous investigations. So as you can see, math is divided into many parts...any way you slice it!

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