Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pow Wow Preparation

THE EVENT of the Kindergarten year is fast's time for the annual Powwow. Each Kindergarten class is learning about a specific Native American tribe. The tribes include the Inuit, Hopi, Nez Perce, Seminole, Sioux, Iroquois, Nootka, and our very own Lenape tribe. The Lenape come from the areas of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Students are not only learning about their food, clothing and shelter, but also, how much the Lenape are so similar to them. The Native Americas loved to play games, fish, and help at home. The students have been working on the turtle shakers and shell necklaces that they will be carrying and wearing during our Powwow. Homework has included storytelling, picking a Native American name, and decorating a Lenape girl/boy on a cardboard cut out. We read a wonderful book called, "Rainbow Crow" that was an authentic story past down from the Lenape tribe. In Reader's and Writer's Workshop, we are making our own "All About the Lenape Tribe" book that we will soon share with you. In Reader's Workshop, the class learns about nonfiction conventions (labeling, captions, headings) and in Writer's Workshop, we are modeling the overall look of an "All About" book. On Tuesday, we had the opportunity to visit a 5th grade class that was also studying the Lenape tribe and they shared their diorama and information with us. Upcoming events include "Make and Take" night, where parents and children are invited back to the school to
make their own wigwams (see below).


Lenape Lourdes said...

I am WOWed with the preparations for Pow-Wow. It's A LOT of work, but there's A LOT of (fun)learning, A LOT of smiles, and A LOT of memories in the end. Brave Gator is chomping with excitement for the culminating event.

Anonymous said...

There is so much learning across content areas in this unit. Hands on activities will help children retain what they've learned. Plus, Strong Friendly Boy (aka Joey) is having so much fun. Thank you to Lourdes and the rest of the moms who are helping the kids create their masterpieces. Your patience and talents are appreciated by all of the parents who can't be there on a daily basis to help!
-Karen Morris

Kelsey Bugera said...

Pow wow's are very influencial events for students to be involved in. The elementary school that I attended when I was in grade 1 also had a Pow wow come to our school. Out of all of our school asemblies and other speakers, the pow wow was the most memoriable. It was fun and entertaining for all students at any age. I would be pleased to have this experience again. The video was also very informative! At the beginning of the semester the first nations university,which is located just behind the University of Regina, came to our court yard and had competitions of teepee building. We also got involved, it was a lot of fun.