Saturday, September 26, 2009

More Than One Way to Retell a Story

During Reader's Workshop, we revisited one of the classes' favorite star books, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. This classic fairy tale has been retold several times and in several different ways. The first few times it was read, we paged through the story using elaborate, almost exaggerated tones -PAPA BEAR, Mama Bear, and wee little squeaky baby bear voices. Then we brought out the puppets and children had the chance to perform and watch a Reader's Theater presentation (see below post). Another time, a glove finger puppet was added while reading the tale. After a few lessons on beginning, middle and end of the story, students were invited to draw what happened at those different times. Paper was cut in the shape of a house and students drew the beginning, middle and end of the story. The above picture shows the bears and Goldilocks first; the middle picture has the broken chair, the three bowls of porridge and her sleeping in the bed; and the third shows Goldilocks ready to jump out of the window when she realizes that the bears are home. This drawing clearly shows an understanding of the beginning, middle, and end...and that there is definitely more than one way to retell a story!


Anonymous said...

Each time I experience something, I learn something new. I didn't fully appreciate when Sarah was in K how the Readers and Writers workshop were intertwined. Discovering a beginning, middle and end to a story in Readers Workshop will help Joey write a beginning, middle and end when he starts to write narratives. The building blocks of his work in Kindergarten are so important to his work later on. On another note, Joey really wants to be a Billy Goat for Halloween. Uugh! (We haven't found a Billy Goat costume yet....) -The Morris Family

Ms. Symons and Ms. Wickert said...

Lauren and I love looking at the class blog. She got very excited to see the beginning, middle and end picture. She says it was hers...who knows! Thank so much. Lauren has come so far already and I really look forward to her growth this year.