Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Discovering Patterns

Our class has been working on a mathematics unit called Pattern Trains and Hopscotch Paths. We have explored questions like these: What makes a pattern a pattern? How do patterns give us information so that we can predict what comes next? Being able to recognize a pattern is an important tool in math. The children will continue to have many opportunities to copy, create, and extend patterns using materials such as pattern blocks, color tiles, and interlocking cubes. The above picture came from a lesson called Pattern Snakes. Students used paper pattern block cut outs to create their own pattern snakes. Children are also learning how to name their patterns: ABAB, ABCABC, ABBABB, etc. It is important for students to noticing patterns all around them because it can help in all subject areas: reading, writing, and science. Discovering patterns is a fun and exciting way for children to observe the world around them!


Randy said...

I am so impressed with your organization and teaching techniques. It really makes it easy to help reinforce these concepts at home. Andrew constantly makes connections, even to the Wii, with the lessons learned in class. Great job!!

Randy Smith
Andrew's Dad

Anonymous said...

I love this lesson... teaching patterns! I never realized how many patterns there are around the house and in every-day life until Kyle started pointing ALL OF THEM out to me this week! Fun stuff! Thanks a million!
Claire Ladd
(Kyle's mom)