Friday, March 6, 2009

Kevin Henkes Parade of Puppets

One way we are celebrating our Author Study of Kevin Henkes is by retelling a favorite story with puppets. For homework this week, students were invited to make puppets of their favorite Kevin Henkes story. They used socks, sticks, felt, cardboard, computer generated pictures, and paper bags...creativity abounded. The children came in this morning all excited, showing friends their creations and practicing retellings. Some students had to recruit a friend to help in the retelling and the collaborative efforts will be posted in a future blog -- it was wonderful! For now, enjoy the pictures of "The Mall-ards Parade of Puppets" honoring the books of Kevin Henkes.


dayle timmons said...

How cute are these! Can't wait to see the flip of retellings!

Suzanne said...

Carter loved making his puppets this week. He continually practiced his oral retelling to be ready for Friday. I could really see that his reflection got better each time.

Anonymous said...

I loved making my puppets. Everyone did a great job. Jonathan