Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spicing Up Skills Block with R-Controlled Words

After brainstorming r-controlled words today in Skills Block, students were invited to play a game using the these types of words. A wooden block was used as a die. On the "die" was written "ar", "er", "ir", "or", and "ur". A sheet was given to each pair of students with various "r-controlled" words. After a child rolled the die, he/she had to find a word with those two letters, say the word, then cross it out on the sheet. When they had a straight line crossed out (just like Bingo), the game was over and they could play again. This proved to be a wonderful way to review r-controlled words and have great fun at the same time.


stacy said...

My name is Stacy Martin and I am in the teaching program in Utah. I will do my student teaching in the fall. I am very interested in doing 180 days for my future classroom and I would like some ideas on how to get started? Where do I go to get the information that I would need? I also love visiting your site you both do a great job and thanks for sharing.

Kevin said...

Hey I do phonics to. It helps you how to spell and read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like government!!

joseph said...

i don't know if you got my last comment so that is so cool we are learning phonics to we are on phonics 106

Sarah Toa said...

I really like your ideas for r-controlled vowels. we will be looking at them a little later in the year. I would love to use your great idea of the r-controlled bingo for my class. I think they would really like the game!
At present we're learning about contractions and apostrophes.
Keep up the good work
Mrs. Toa