Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's Sleepover Day -- Finally!!

On Friday, we celebrated the annual First Grade Sleepover. The excitement was almost too much to contain. Children were running around in their pajamas and carrying their homemade bears, flashlights, and in some cases, night shades. The day started with a parade around the inside of the school, with lights out and flashlights on. Everyone sang "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star". Students from other grades lined the halls to watch this tradition. (Earlier in the week, a former student, Kayla, came to our classroom with her bear from a few years ago and told of the great time she had at her sleepover. She answered student's questions and told them of all the fun they were going to have.)
After the parade, we went to the cafeteria to have a wonderful breakfast of pancakes and bacon. Mrs. Phillips kicked off the fun with the "Hokie Pokie" and "The Chicken Dance." The day was filled with activities directed by our resource team. The P.E. coaches had outside games planned, the music teacher taught square dancing, and the art teachers showed the students how to make book covers to contain the story they are going to write about this day. In the afternoon, Miss KK presented a shadow play of "Ira Sleeps Over" and it was dancing and popcorn after that! When the children finally arrived back in our classroom at the end of the day, a sleepover cake made by one of our parents was cut and distributed. It was a beautiful ending to a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Mallon and Mrs. Dillard,
I enjoyed telling the first graders about sleepover. Thank you for including me in your post. I hope they had as much fun at sleepover as I did years ago. The pictures look like they did. Megan has been talking about it all weekend. Wish I could have spent the day back in first grade.

Tracy said...

Another successful Chets Creek tradition! I have to say that the 1st grade sleepover has evolved into quite a wonderful treat for the children since my 17 year old had his 11 years ago! It is so fun watching Jared experience the same events his older brothers did and reminiscing the memories. Thank you Mall-ards!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for planning and pulling off an incredible day! 1st Grade Sleepover is and will always be a special memory for our family!

The Griffin Family

Sarah Toa said...

I liked your idea of a first grade sleep over during the day. It really sounds like fun.
We have just celebrated our 100th day of school at Shanghai American School.
Sarah Toa