Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Reading Strategies - Embedding the Code

Even though we teach the basic reading strategies in Kindergarten and First Grade, students need to be reminded to open this "tool box" of strategies when they get stuck on a word or phrase. So many times we say, "Use your strategies." We verbally remind them to, "Look at the picture," "Did you use both vowel sounds?", and/or "Does it make sense?" But what happens if a child forgets his/her strategies or maybe the ones he/she remembers aren’t working? This has been a question that we have been asking ourselves. Also, how do we keep the strategies reviewed so that the children can "embed this code" into their schema? The following is a "Reading Strategies" song that we developed and are using before students go to independent or partner reading every day. If this helps even a few struggling readers and/or higher level readers who occasionally get stuck on a word, it's worth singing everyday.


Amy said...

I really like your song and the idea of putting our reader's toolbox to music.
May I have permission to use it?
I work at Shanghai American School in Shanghai, China and promise to steal all the credit.
Amy Hossack

Susan Berry said...

I am a new kindergarten teacher after teaching intermediate for almost 25 years. I love kindergarten but have a lot to learn. I subscribe to your blog and was perusing it tonight. I came across this posting about embedding the code with a song, but it's not coming up. Is it not available anymore?

Mrs.Mallon & Mrs. Dillard said...

I don't know what happened to that song. I will find out and repost. Thank you for your interest.

Miss Lorance said...

I'd like to see the video as well. Thanks,
Destiny from Kansas