Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Look at Nonfiction Writing - Question/Answer Books

Our class has just finished a three week unit in Writer's Workshop on pattern books. A pattern book is a book that has a repeating line or phrase written in it. A familiar pattern book is "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" and "The House That Jack Built." We took pattern books a step further by diving into question/answer pattern books and then one step further into nonfiction question/answer books. These are books about a nonfiction topic (in this case Soccer). A repeating question is asked and an answer is given directly after the question. Carson added a few nonfiction conventions: a Table of Contents, captions and close-ups are added to the her nonfiction pattern book. This book has an extra added feature - look at the bottom of each page - it grows to incorporate a sketch of what the previous question was and the added element of the new answer. Read along and learn about soccer!

What is this thing? It is a soccer ball that kick with your feet and try to score a goal. And it is white and it is a sphere and the shapes are black.

What is this thing? It is the net that the soccer ball goes in when you score a goal. And it is made of medal and strings.
What is this thing? It is the team shirt that you wear on soccer games. Everybody wears this shirt on soccer games.

What is this thing? It is the coach that tells you where to stand. And he yells, "Stand there."

What is this thing? It is your team mates that help you score a goal and they say pass.

What is this thing? It is the other team that tries to steal the ball from you. And if he does they will score a goal.

I like soccer because it is fun and you get to meet people and I like to kick the ball from side to side.


shuya20m said...

Hi all. That was so good! I love to play soccer and you were really able to capture what soccer is all about. I bet that if I was an alien from outer space, and I read this, that I would be able to know what soccer is. Keep up the great work!


Erin said...

What a great way to build writing skills. Carson is so proud of her work and so are we!!
Chris, Erin, Carson and Maddox

Suzanne said...

Kudos to this writer who did an outstanding job with her writing, and to her teachers who clearly taught the elements of a quality non-fiction piece! All around a great job!

Anonymous said...

Dear Carson,

I like your story about soccer. You used lots of details. You are a good writer.

Your friend,