Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Every Day Counts - Everyday and Everyway!

Every morning for about 10-15 minutes, we engage in math instruction that supplements our daily Math block. It is called Every Day Counts. The bulletin board is transformed into an interactive math roadway. Each month new activities are added to the board to provide a continuous learning experience for students. By building on concepts a little at a time, every day, children gain confidence in their mathematical thinking.
Students use the calendar to review the days of the week, analyze and predict patterns, match quantities with numbers, compare numbers, and develop number sense. A Number Builder is used for students to see number combinations, use the language of addition and subtraction, tell addition and subtraction stories, and record number sentences. Counting Tape and Ten Grids are used to compare and order quantities, group and count by tens, fives, and ones. The Clock helps students learn how many minutes in an hour, count by fives and ones, and read the minute hand. In October, a Picture Graph was added to collect, record, and interpret the data. Measurement provides the opportunity for students to estimate and compare lengths of objects in the classroom.
Each month, as new elements are added and taken away, students are learning from their discoveries. Their observations and thinking of Math are being developed every day with Every Day Counts!

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Anonymous said...

G'day from Australia. In April, this year, I tried to get our prep teacher to set up a blog for her students (5 year olds). She argued against it seeing she could see no relevance for them as they needed to connect to her, each other and their classroom in the early years. To my surprise a week later, she came and asked to set one up. Time has been against her lately, but she has made a start. However, your blog is wonderful and just shows what can be done. It is great to be able to keep the parents informed.
As I am presenting at an early years conference I will be referring to your blog, so hope you are happy with that. I hope that Julie, our grade 2 teacher has been able to connect with you, as I am sure that would bring a lot of rewards to both parties.