Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Our Bulletin Board is Bursting with Writing

Bulletin boards are a fantastic way to showcase your classes' work. At our school we use bulletin boards as a teaching tool for students, parents, and other teachers. For example, in our class, we visit other boards to see what students are doing in other kindergarten classes. The children get very excited when they can "make a connection" to the student's work that is put up. Parents like to come by and visit boards so that they can learn about the tasks, standards, and work that is highlighted. Finally, teachers visit bulletin boards on a monthly "board walk," not only to get new ideas, but also to learn and grow from them.
The bulletin board in the above picture showcases four student's writing from the past few weeks. There are some beginning sounds, but the point of the mini-lessons of these early writing workshops was to instill confidence in my young writers. From there, they learned that a story is more than one page (just as in the books they hear and see everyday). Their writing is planned, talked about, sketched, and shared with their classmates. Our bulletin board this month is bursting with the seeds of great writing -- I can't wait to see how my young writers bloom!!!

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Suzanne Shall said...

I am so excited that my child has the opportunity to write everyday in your classroom, and that you showcase student work on your bulletin board for others to enjoy. Just today on our car ride to school we saw a rainbow and my son excitedly proclaimed, "Mom, I can write about that today in Writers' Workshop!"